Shaping the digital healthcare delivery of our times.

Building blocks to rapidly achieve digital health parity.

Full spectrum healthtech business cover
The software stack can adopt to meet the requirements for all the players in the healthtech ecosystem - be it provider, payer, distribution, supply-chain, diagnosis or care and rehab, we have you covered.
Modern & batteries included
Digital platform that is bundled with all the building blocks needed to build modren healthtech solutions.
Low code app framework
To enable citizen development towards fast digitisation of any on-the-fly requirements that typically arises on an on-going basis in any healthcare setting.
Freedom from having to deal with a fragmented healthcare IT landscape
One platform with the most workflow surface area coverage to meet Clinical operations, Front-Office and Back-office ERP requirements - that is typical of any healthtech ecosystem player setup.

Solutions for the most workflow surface area cover

Clinical Features

Patient Record

Patient demographics and clinical records in compliance to clinical standards of FHIR / OpenEHR


Creating detailed practitioner undertaking patient encounter which contains encounter time, presenting complaints of patient and medication , investigation notes.


Configurable forms to capture patient vitals signs.

Lab Information System

Comprehensive lab module with support for device integration LOINC coded tests. Sample labelling. Lab report print formats. EMR integration.

Medical Records

Medical records contains all medical history and present medical condition of the patient.

Clinical Procedure Management

Management of end-to-end clinical procedures workflows for Doctor order, schedule, room booking and procedure tracking and recording clinical records.

Radiology Information System

Comprehensive radiology workflow management with DICOM and PACs integrations. Modality Support: Digital X Ray, Mammography, CT, MRI, USG


Medication order and Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE).

Clinical Terminology Codes

Support for ICD-10, SNOMED-CT

Physio Therapy Management Module

Physiotherapy management module which handles patient appointments for therapy, therapy planning, therapy session, patient assessment.

Onco-care module

Onco-care specialisation covers full cycle for chemo-session regiment management and tracking

Most future ready HealthTech platform

Building blocks and core modules

An all-encompassing, open-source healthcare solution leveraging Frappe framework, boasting extensive clinical and EMR capabilities, facilitating rapid adoption for evolving digital health needs, and seamlessly integrating with ERPNext, the most robust open-source ERP software available
A vendor nutral implementaion approach for Radiology Information System. Keeping support of PACs and DICOM interfaces nutral to support any PACs server or DICOM Device Interfaces, Viewers etc
Integration enabling Laboratory Information System (LIS) devices for streamlined data management and analysis
End-to-end insurance workflow for Payer Master and Plan Plan setup, Patient insurance policy and claim settlement workflows. All integrated to core ERP accounting module for tracking in the accounting books and for reporting purposes.Extensive support for Middle East region specific insurance workflows. Also API intergration with nphies