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Reliable hosting for your OSS apps — your cloud or ours.

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Our Managed Hosting Capabilities

We employ the best cloud hosting practices

Stateless Docker Deploys
Easily deploy Docker containers optimized for Kubernetes cluster scale.
Encryption at Rest
Keep your data secure with encryption while at rest.
Cloudflare Zero Trust Access
Secure virtual machines with Cloudflare's zero-trust access.
Logging and Monitoring
Monitor software and hardware parameters like CPU and Disk load efficiently.
CI/CD Release Management
Streamline software development with continuous integration and release management.
Separate Environments
Maintain separate environments for development, testing, and production.
Object Storage
Store application files on S3 Bucket for easy access and management.
Cloud Agnostic
Use any cloud hosting provider of your choice - AWS, Google, or Azure effortlessly.
Daily Backups
Ensure data integrity with daily backups and periodic drills.
Read-Replica Database
Set up databases for business intelligence analytics / warehouse purposes.
Dedicated DevOps Support
Get dedicated support for smooth development and deployment processes.

Our Premier DevOps Expertise

We bring to the table a wide range of DevOps expertise and skills to streamline your software Reliability Engineering practice.

  • Docker Compose

    Docker Compose

  • Github CI/CD with Actions

    Github CI/CD with Actions

  • Kustomise


  • ArgoCD


  • Terraform


  • Ansible